QCOBA deeply saddened by Hon Permanent President Dr Stanley HO's death


Queen's College Old Boys' Association (QCOBA) today (May 26) was deeply saddened to learn of the passing away of the Honorary Permanent President and Chairman Emeritus of Shun Tak Holdings Limited, Dr Stanley HO Hung-sun, at the age of 98. QCOBA expressed our deep grief at his death.

Dr HO had a whole heart for QC throughout his life. Graduated in 1930s, he had been a diligent and resilient student in the pursuit of excellence. He was blessed to have QC's scholarship which supported him in the high school days amid the most difficult times at home, before admission to the University of Hong Kong. He always lives up to the school motto Labor Omnia Vincit. Hard work conquers all and knowledge changes fate.

Benefitted from QC, Dr HO had been serving the alma mater and caring for both the school and generations to come. As a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, he never forgets how QC prepared him for great things. Over the past decades, he had been tirelessly devoted to supporting the school and selflessly giving back to QCOBA, highlighting his dedication in equipping the QC family to better respond to challenges of a knowledge-based economy in the 21st century. He sponsored countless projects on campus and alumni, and was committed to quality education, diverse student development and nurturing talent.

Dr HO was particularly enthusiastic in astronomical science. Opened in February 2019, the Stanley Ho Astronomical Observatory (QCOBA) under his name was only successfully built with his generous donation. It provides a golden window for students to crave for knowledge and explore the sky. Dr HO officiated at many campus celebrations and sports games. Every generation of QC boys should have been inspired by his words of wisdom, wit and humour, which have become our fond memories of him. He loves challenges and never says no. He is a role model for both boys and Old Boys, and indeed an outstanding QC boy held in high regard in the era.

The passing away of Dr HO is a sad loss to the QC family. QCOBA extends our deepest condolences to Dr HO's family. Dreaming for the future and delivering with hard work all along, Dr HO will be dearly missed and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his contributions. QCOBA will follow Dr HO's footsteps in carrying on the lifelong mission to serve our beloved alma mater.

Queen's College Old Boys' Association
May 26, 2020