Visit QC History Museum in Open Days


Queen's College Old Boys' Association (QCOBA) today (February 27) appealed to Old Boys to visit the newly built Queen's College History Museum (QCHM) in the 155th Anniversary Open Days. Details are as follows:

Date March 3, 2017 (Friday) March 4 (Saturday)
Time 10am to 7pm 10am to 6pm
Venue Queen's College History Museum, Room 223, Queen's College

QCHM collects some 4 000 precious artefacts in the last century and a half since the College's foundation, including the school magazine, The Yellow Dragon, school emblems, teaching materials, school files, examination papers, event snapshots, history cuttings and photos, featuring the campus from Gough Street to Causeway Road, pre- and post-war lives and the new era of QCs, Old QCs and staff, the development of the alma mater and the local education system in the past and present.

The Vice President for Education and Development of QCOBA, Mr LUK Wai-hung, said that the idea, research, design, collection and production of QCHM fully demonstrated the fraternity among brothers who participated in. QCOBA would continue to work with the school in reinforcing the research of school history and the preservation of school heritage and artefacts.

Old Boy and the Visiting Associate Professor of the Department of History of the Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Dr HO Koon-wan, remarked that the history of our school had been closely connected with that of China and Hong Kong. He hoped that alumni would cherish their good old days and explore how we can better serve the alma mater. The Principal, Ms LI Sui-wah, thanked QCOBA and passionate Old Boys for their voluntary participation and contributions.

Press cuttings today have been uploaded online.

Education and Development Sub-committee,
Queen's College Old Boys' Association
February 27, 2017