"Brotherhood over a Century – QCOBA Centenary" special exhibition

Date : 2021.04.23
Place : QC History Museum
Brotherhood over a Century

Founded in 1920 with Sir Robert HO Tung as the founding President in 1921, Queen's College Old Boys' Association (QCOBA) has been converging Old Boys in serving the alma mater and community as one of the oldest, most active and influential alumni associations with a mission on education in Hong Kong. While social activities among Old Boys have a long history, QCOBA is a key platform in maintaining brotherhood among all thy collegians and strengthening the sense of belonging to the alma mater. To mark its 100th anniversary in 2020-21, this "Brotherhood over a Century – QCOBA Centenary" special exhibition reviews its development in the past century and explores the future while forging ahead.

QCOBA Centenary special exhibition
Major Milestones
1920 QCOBA founded in Canton, first reunion dinner held at the Great Hall of QC in 1921
1923 First QCOBA Emblem designed, adopted as first QC badge in 1947
1948 First reunion dinner held after liberation of Hong Kong
1951 QCOBA Evening School founded
1960 Queen's College Old Boys' Memorial Hall completed and opened
1983 Dr Henry FOK and Dr Stanley HO appointed as Honorary Permanent Presidents
1987 QCOBA Secondary School founded
2007 "Queen's College, Hong Kong, China: History and Memories of 145 Years" exhibition jointly presented with Hong Kong Museum of History for the first time
2020-21 QCOBA Centenary under the theme "Serving QC family, our centenary duty"
Strong fraternity, multifarious activities

QCOBA is unparalleled with a clubhouse adjacent to campus for reunions and activities. Annual reunion dinners have been held since 1921 to date. Leisure, sports and cultural activities cover astronomical observations by the oldest Astronomers’ Club in local schools; canoeing in the Old Tai Tam Canoe Pavilion; annual Games Days comprising the QC traditional plastic football, basketball, badminton, tennis, cricket, table tennis, bridge, etc; golf tournaments in and outside Hong Kong; cross-generational harmonica and drama as well as alumni choirs, orchestra and a cappella groups; and visits to QC historic sites. Old Boys regularly team up with students in matches, including Swimming Galas and Athletic Meets.

Old Boys have a wide range of gatherings beyond graduation, with their classes, clubs, societies, houses, school teams and professions including the healthcare, legal, business, engineering and public service sectors. QCOBA has gradually developed from an organiser to a facilitator. Apart from the Community Chest Walk for Millions and Round-Victoria-Park Run, Old Boys, teachers, students and parents joined the community in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in the past decade.

Serving the alma mater

Generations of QC Boys never forget how QC prepared them for great things and have a lifelong passion for QC. Both Honorary Permanent Presidents of QCOBA, Dr Henry FOK Ying-tung and Dr Stanley HO Hung-sun, were indeed forerunners in continuously funding QC and QCOBA, benefitting countless of teachers, students and alumni. Dr Henry FOK Library and Stanley HO Astronomical Observatory (QCOBA) opened in 1973 and 2019 respectively are now key landmarks on and off campus. QCOBA also plays a crucial role in planning, sponsoring and improving infrastructure in QC and beyond, including the changing room of Queen’s Recreation Ground (now Scout Den) in pre-war 1915, the Causeway Road campus and Tai Tam Canoe Pavilion in 1950, Queen's College Old Boys’ Memorial Hall in 1960, various pavilions in the 1970s, Morning Sun Corner in the 1990s, the QC History Museum in 2017 and refurbishment of numerous classrooms in the past decade.

Since early in the 1870s, Old Boys have already set up scholarships on their own. To date, most scholarships and prizes have been donated by alumni, covering academics, extra-curricular activities, music, sports, conduct, social service and leadership training. With inter-generational brotherly exchange, apart from sharing experience in studies and careers, seniors hire or recommend students to join their enterprises or professions from time to time. QCOBA officially launched the mentorship and internship programmes in 2005 and 2010 respectively.

Contributing to our society

QCOBA raised funds for famine victims in the Mainland as early as in 1921 and was honoured to be presented with a plaque of commendation by the then President of the Republic of China, Mr XU Shichang. In the post-war period, QCOBA founded QCOBA Evening School in 1951 sharing the Causeway Road QC campus. Both Honorary Permanent Presidents, Dr Henry FOK Ying-tung and Dr Stanley HO Hung-sun, founded QCOBA Secondary School in Tsing Yi as donors in 1987 under the school motto "We achieve through diligence", accompanied by an Evening School. In 2016, QCOBA Evening School joined Principal Chan Free Tutorial World founded by Mr CHAN Hung and launched the Supporting the Needy Programme to provide free school places for students in need. All these initiatives provided opportunities to the grassroots, repeaters, adults as well as those seeking professional and continuing education at low costs with quality teaching.

QC has been a public school for everyone in the last 160 years or so. Knowledge changes fate and is key to upward mobility. Despite the ever-changing political and economic landscape, QC Old Boys’ care for the society and empathy for the underprivileged remain unshaken. 2020-21 marks QCOBA’s Centenary amid the pandemic of the century. The hard work of alumni combating the virus on all fronts coupled with mutual care and help upheld the essence of serving the community. Serving QC is certainly Old Boys’ duty; while ascending the social ladder, serving Hong Kong is also part of our responsibility. Accomplishing an extraordinary journey in the past century, QCOBA will build on achievements and mission of our predecessors and begin a new chapter of development with campus and community partners.